Update: Preliminary hearing for Impact of the Pandemic on Healthcare systems across the UK (Module 3) in April

  • Published: 5 April 2024
  • Topics: Module 3

The Inquiry will be holding a further preliminary hearing for its investigation into ‘the Impact of the Pandemic on Healthcare systems across the UK’ (Module 3).

The preliminary hearing will be held at Dorland House, 121 Westbourne Terrace, London, W2 6BU (map) on Wednesday 10 April at 10.30am.

A preliminary hearing is a legal hearing which considers procedural issues relating to the conduct of future public hearings and the Inquiry’s investigations. 

At the hearing there will also be updates from the Inquiry Counsel on its investigations and there will be submissions from Core Participants. In addition the Inquiry will set out plans for this module in more detail.  

The public hearings for this investigation will take place in London over 10 weeks from Monday 9 September to Thursday 28 November 2024. 

The hearing is open to the public to attend – information on how to attend is published on our website.

Preliminary hearings can be watched on the Inquiry’s YouTube channel, subject to a three minute delay.

We aim to publish a transcript of the hearing on the same day it takes place. Alternative formats, including a Welsh language translation, are available on request. A recording of the hearing will be published on the Inquiry’s website later that week.